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How I got a free Rigol

I havent spent big cash on my own hobbies for years now, but last year I finally decided that I wanted a proper bench oscilloscope instead of the USB scope I had bought earlier.

After doing research, I settled on a Rigol DS1054Z which would cost me about $450, plus a more proper multimeter than the 30 year old chinesium on I had since my teens.


So I placed the order and waited. The multimeter arrived, but not the Rigol. And waited…. And waited….

About 2 weeks later, I called the company and told them the scope had not arrived. They said they would ask the postoffice to do a search and for me to wait 5 more day. So I did, but still no scope arrived.

I called the company back and they said they didnt have any more in stock, so they would refund me. They refunded the whole order, including the multimeter.

Two days later, the oscilloscope arrived….. 🙂