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More China

Well, not much. Only a batch of 20x 1 Ohm, 3W resistors. Need them for my current control circuit. 30 days delivery time… woohooo…


China complementary order

Ordered a few more things;

  • 10x 74LS08 (Quad AND-gate)
  • 50x BC547 (common NPN-transistor)
  • 10x BD243C (heavy duty NPN-transistor)
  • Ceramic capacitor set (300 pcs)
  • 100x 3mm LED set (white, yellow, red, green and blue)

Ordering this from China was cheaper than ordering a single 74LS08 from an electronics supplier in Sweden. Sweden delivery would have taken only 1-2 days though. Chinese delivery even with a bit of upgrade in shipping is still going to take 20-30 days.

China order

Ordered a bunch more toys from China, including;

  • Two 5V 5F supercaps
  • Two ESP-12F (ESP8266 WiFi module)
  • One 4-channel 16-bit ADC I2C breakout board
  • One GPS module
  • Five more 32×8 LED matrix modules (to add to the one I have)
  • Two 5V DC power regulators
  • Three 8-bit logic level converters breakout boards
  • One USB V/A/W meter
  • Two mini DC regulators
  • Two HB100 microwave doppler radars (motion sensors)
  • One small servo motor
  • One USB-to-serial adapter
  • Two realtime clock breakout boards
  • One electrolytic capacitor set (120 pcs)
  • One resistor set (600 pcs)
  • One 125kHz RFID reader module
  • Ten 125kHz RFID keyfobs
  • One temperature sensor
  • One OV7670 camera module
  • Two (more) Arduino Nano v3
  • One Arduino Pro Mini (why not, cheap, and I should try all the Arduinos some day)
  • One Arduino Mega

Delivery: Before 2018? Aliexpress is cheap but retardedly slow delivery.