Category: Electronics

China order

Ordered a bunch more toys from China, including;

  • Two 5V 5F supercaps
  • Two ESP-12F (ESP8266 WiFi module)
  • One 4-channel 16-bit ADC I2C breakout board
  • One GPS module
  • Five more 32×8 LED matrix modules (to add to the one I have)
  • Two 5V DC power regulators
  • Three 8-bit logic level converters breakout boards
  • One USB V/A/W meter
  • Two mini DC regulators
  • Two HB100 microwave doppler radars (motion sensors)
  • One small servo motor
  • One USB-to-serial adapter
  • Two realtime clock breakout boards
  • One electrolytic capacitor set (120 pcs)
  • One resistor set (600 pcs)
  • One 125kHz RFID reader module
  • Ten 125kHz RFID keyfobs
  • One temperature sensor
  • One OV7670 camera module
  • Two (more) Arduino Nano v3
  • One Arduino Pro Mini (why not, cheap, and I should try all the Arduinos some day)
  • One Arduino Mega

Delivery: Before 2018? Aliexpress is cheap but retardedly slow delivery.


Happy new LED matrix

Received package from China yesterday. Went through all the goodies quickly and my attention stopped at the 32×8 LED matrix. Worked on it the rest of the evening, got it powered up and figured out how to light individual LEDs just before it was bedtime.

This morning I continued with the Arduino programming and by noon I had the result I was aiming for, for now.

“Happy new year 2017!!!”