Breadboard prepped LED´s

Always with the breadboard tinkering you want to throw in an LED here and there to give visual cues about whats happening but always there is that pesky need for a current limiting resistor.

Well, here is my take on a solution for that “problem”.

First you cut one leg off the LED, solder the appropriate resistor on there, then solder the two legs onto a header pin pair; thus…


And then, to add stability and to prevent the legs from being shorted together, enter the hot snot magic dispenser…


Ofcourse this doesnt look very neat, which is why the final step is to squeeze on some heatshrink tube…


Ideally a speck of paint should be applied on one of the header pins to highlight the polarity of the LED but I dont have paint laying around right now, so its good enough for now.

And please dont complain about how ugly the soldering and snotting is. Im doing the best I can with only one functional hand (yes Im disabled). If you like the idea it’d be cool to hear and see if you made your own.


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